June 15, 2024

What Is Private Aviation?

Private jets are specially designed for a wide variety of uses. They range from light cabin jets that seat 7 to large cabin jets that can carry up to 14 passengers. Some types are better suited for short travel while others are able to travel long distances without stopping. There are approximately 50 types of private jets in production today and each has its own unique characteristics and capabilities.

Although most people believe that only CEOs and celebrities travel on private jets, this isn’t necessarily true. Tourists and business travelers frequently take advantage of the comfort and convenience of private aviation. Private aviation saves time, offers greater flexibility, better service and more privacy than commercial airlines.

Benefits of Private Aviation

Experienced flyers know that air travel is not the same as it was twenty years ago. International politics have significantly changed the way that commercial flying operates. While completely necessary, these changes can be an annoyance for frequent flyers. Private aviation allows travelers to get where they need to go without sacrificing choice, luxury or safety. Private aviation is your best choice for convenient, comfortable and safe air travel.

Although some private jets fly faster than commercial airlines, the biggest time-saving feature of private aviation is the elimination of extra waiting before a passenger ever gets in the air. The average waiting time for private aviation is around five or six minutes — much faster than the typical TSA-induced ground delays.

Private jets are able to land at about ten times more airports than commercial airlines. This can be a big benefit when traveling to parts of the world that are not well served by airlines. Flying private aviation can literally save you several days of traveling.
Private aviation allows you to have complete control over your schedule, making it possible to arrange a flight on very short notice or submit last-minute flight changes. Even if you change your plans and decide to land at a different airport, a private jet can probably accommodate you.

Luxury Ground Transportation

RMA offers transportation to and from private airfields, FBOs and aircraft handlers in North America, Europe and Asia. We offer flight tracking and can quickly adjust to changes in flight plans. We offer convenient, real-time tracking of our cars through our GPS system.

Please contact RMA to see why we are the private aviation industry’s first choice for luxury transportation.

RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

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