April 19, 2024

More Consumers Are Choosing Rooftop Terraces

Homebuyers and renters alike are drawn to city living for the many perks that come with residing in a metropolitan area: convenience, proximity to opportunities for work, shopping and entertainment, and the excitement that comes with city-dwelling – where there’s always something to do and see. But while the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, there are some trade-offs when it comes to life in a metropolis. 

Topping the list? 

A lack of outdoor living space.

As the appeal of urban living grows, real estate space has become more competitive than ever. Real Estate Agents and Developers are being forced to find creative ways to offer residents outdoor recreational space. Since land on the ground is often not a viable option, real estate developers are finding solutions by looking up – quite literally. Rooftop terraces have become the new backyard for those desiring a metropolitan locale, and consumers are moving to buildings that offer these sky-high sanctuaries with panoramic views. 

Many rooftop terraces are highly sought-after additions to home-buyers’ search criteria, especially since they’re ideal spots for hosting guests for outdoor gatherings, no matter the time of year. When combined with uniquely-crafted custom home construction – whether Craftsman-style or modern real estate – and enviable locales, rooftop terraces become the cherry on top (yes, truly on top) for idyllic city living.

We’re throwing out a few tips for making the most of your rooftop terrace – the one you use now, or perhaps the one you’re still searching for:

  1. Create a rooftop garden. Ever wanted to become a plant parent but worried about having the right lighting? That’s not an issue with a rooftop terrace. Whether you prefer succulents, perennials, or something else entirely, a rooftop terrace is a great way to get started with the help of Mother Nature. 
  2. Get creative. Rooftop terraces are a fantastic way to give yourself space to enjoy a hobby, whether new or old. Especially in cases where your hobby might require fresh air (we’re looking at you, spray paint fans), a rooftop terrace is great place to take some time to yourself to get in “the zone” for an hour or two.
  3. Socialize safely. Being almost a year into this pandemic has forced us to get imaginative about how we can spend time with our loved ones while remaining safe. A rooftop terrace provides an interesting alternative that can certainly help. By inviting everyone up to your outdoor space, you are in charge of everything – how clean the space is, how far apart seating options are and who is allowed in the space. Make sure you’re following current health and safety regulations though!
  4. Relax! A rooftop terrace is an amazing amenity that can elevate your entire living experience – both literally and figuratively. They provide a space to sit back and relax, whether alone or with others, and just be present outdoors. Your rooftop terrace can be the perfect opportunity to get away from it all without ever leaving the city.

As city real estate becomes increasingly sparse, rooftop terraces are a major draw for consumers looking to enjoy the best of both worlds – city living with outdoor space at their fingertips. If you’re fortunate enough to find that elusive real estate trifecta – metropolitan location, customizable living space, and a rooftop terrace – consider yourself among the lucky few!