July 16, 2024

Vacationing This Year? Check Out OBX Fishing Piers

As we all try to get back to “normal” that means heading to vacation, just as fast as we headed back to the office! If you are still planning your summer vacation, the outer banks are excellent fishing grounds, and you will enjoy visiting. It is relaxing to enjoy the coastal beauty as you engage in recreational activities. The place is warm, and you can hear waves moving in the ocean. Whether you are planning for a trip alone or with your loved ones, you are bound to create memories you will cherish for years.

You can engage in various activities at the outer bank fishing piers. Apart from fishing, you will like the variety of sea dishes in local hotels. The beach is full of activities as you can play games in an arcade or experience live performances at restaurants. It is cheaper to use Sun Realty rentals while in town with your family. Still, you can get deals depending on your needs and budget. We will offer you a guide to visiting the coastal waters in this read. The insights herein will ensure you enjoy your time at the outer banks.

Outer Banks Fishing Tiers to Visit

The outer banks in the Atlantic ocean attract tourists from across the globe. You do not need to have the fishing equipment since you can get them on-site. The shops will guide you on what you can do to enjoy your visit and stay safe. You are spoilt of choice on the fishing tier to go to. Here are your options;

Outer Banks Pier

The site is among the best places to visit on Hatteras Island. It is famous for its amazing grounds for fishing. The pier stretches deep into the ocean, and you can view the waters up close. Transparent structures ensure you can see the wave movement beneath you. The atmosphere is excellent for families, and you can bond with family members due to the ambiance,

You will get businesses at the lighthouse offering fishing supplies and entertainment services like gaming. Fishing is open daily for free, and you do not need a license to fish. The food and music are fun, and you can choose your beer from hundreds of options at your disposal.

Avon Pier

It is at the Hatteras Island and the last pier built. Avon pier is a famous fishing ground as you can get a rare catch. At the same time, fish is plentiful, and you will not find it challenging to get something. You will not need to have a license to fish at the piers. The plans are affordable as the whole is season pass goes for $350. Also, you can get a single-day pass at 14 dollars or less than $40 for three days, while sightseeing will cost $2.

The mornings are to savor while visiting the place because you can have your breakfast as you enjoy the sunrise.   Also, the scenery is fantastic. You can take time during the day sightseeing and taking photographs to ensure you remember the trip.

Kitty Hawk Pier

After a hurricane in 2003 hit the 1953 fishing pier, it was opened in 2008 after renovations. Many people use the site for events and parties. Although the public can fish at the Kitty Hawk Pier, couples can hold their reception at the venue. You will get a pass to fish or sightsee at the place. The pier offers customized and affordable plans to clients. Its unique setting makes it an ideal event to go to with friends or for team-building activities.

Jennette’s Pier

Although Jennette’s pier was built before 1940, it was reinvented into an educational site in 2003 by the North Carolina Aquarium Society. The beaches are extensive and clean. At the same time, you get restrooms and parking services. Structures are mainly concrete and can access different adventurous activities for all ages. You can interact with the fish species on display at the aquarium or go camping at Jennette’s Piers. People engage in professional fishing, and you can learn a lot from your visit.

Rodanthe Pier

The pier offers daily and weekly passes to visitors. Every year kids enjoy a fishing competition where the winners get prizes from the local community. Rodanthe pier is 500’ into the ocean and has customized plans for visitors. You can get passes for a large family or a couple at a discounted price. As long as Hatteras Island allows the public to visit the piers, the Rodanthe Pier is a fantastic sight to book a vacation property near.

After remodeling, the pier is visible from afar and is 700ft into the Atlantic Ocean. The deck will give you the best view of the coast and waves. You can prepare your catch on-site and enjoy the local delicacies nearby.

Bonner Bridge Pier

Even though the Bobnbner Bridge pier’s existence is close to 5 decades, the place is still as good as new. The Basnight Bridge where the pier exists will take you an extensive distance into the ocean for sightseeing and fishing activities. You can access the site every day, and you will not pay anything. The Bonner Bridge Pier has rooms for visitors and ample parking spaces for vehicles. However, you will need to have a permit to fish there. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore manages the pier while partnering with local and federal government departments.

Avalon Piers

The piers are at the epicenter of the Kill Devil Hills, where the Nags Head and Kitty Hawk piers are on the sides. You get a fishing license at Avalon piers to undertake the activities. Like the other sites, you can enjoy other activities like sightseeing, outdoor picnics, food, drinks, and gaming. In addition, the music is impressive as you get a taste of the local life.

Nags Head Pier

The fishing pier stretches 750’ into the ocean, and people can fish depending on the season. You will get every item you require to fish at shops on-site. Children under 12 years pay less than 8 dollars for a day pass, while adults will pay $14. At $350, you get a weekly pass, while a 3-day pass will cost you approximately $40. Apart from the fishing experience, you can look forward to Carolina cuisine as you sightsee. Whether you rent some gear and enjoy an underwater adventure or after an exciting day at the beach, you can relax with live performances at joints nearby.